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Suka banyak testimonial pasal Vivix yang hebat hebat dari oversea. Di US, Vivix dah lama so banyak la testimonialnya. Di Malaysia baru nak masuk tahun kedua. Memang banyak manfaat Vivix dan ia bertindak terhadap sel untuk memulihkan.

Tom Prendergast CEO of Veretekk, is a business associate I’ve been working with for over 5 years. He has never been very open to Shaklee until his girl friend, Annette (another business assoc. of mine) started using Shaklee Products. Annette experienced the “Shaklee Difference” and became a faithful user of the products and wanted those close to her to have benefits only folks who use and love Shaklee experience.

Annette purchased Vivix for Tom’s Birthday. She knew he was having some health challenges and knew if she was successful in getting him to take Vivix he might start experiencing the “Shaklee Difference” too.

I’m happy to say Annette had enough influence on Tom to faithfully take Vivix. Annette and I started hearing Tom talk about vivid dreams he was having not long after starting on Vivix. This didn’t suprise me since I experienced the same thing when I started taking Vivix. What did suprise me was when Tom mentioned how he had been struggling with a white spot on his tongue.

Tom shared how he has smoked cigars for several years on and off. He said he had experienced this white spot on his tongue before but when he would quit smoking it would go away. Six months ago his dentist had told him the white spot was T-Cells. (pre-cancerous) Immediately Tom had quit smoking, but this time the white spot didn’t go away. No one but Tom and his dentist knew about the white spot.

Tom had been taking other health supplements, but it wasn’t until 3 weeks after taking Vivix the white spot began to disappear. It’s now been 6 weeks and the white spot on his tongue has completely disappeared and the thickening of the area (he explained it like a scar on his tongue) is almost gone. 


Vivix Shaklee’s Resveratrol Anti Aging Product protects and repairs the DNA of the cell. 

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