Testimonial for Energizing Soy Protein

I decided to try the Shaklee Energizing Soy Protein as I have felt a loss of energy over the last few years but attributed it to aging. I have also experienced, once in a while, a sense of weakness that would come on suddenly and take several hours to disappear. I had many tests but my Dr. was never able to find a cause for either lack of energy or the weak spells.

Anyway, the day the Soy Protein was delivered, a weak spell had just hit me in the afternoon, so I tried some with a small glass of orange juice. It tasted GREAT (I was a little worried about that) and then I looked at my watch and found that the weakness was totally gone in about 7 minutes!

Since that day I have taken the Soy Protein every morning and noticed a remarkable increase in my energy level. I am not taking any other supplements or medication and have not changed my eating habits, so I know for sure the energy is coming from the Soy Protein!