Shaklee Breastfeeding Vitamins Q&A

What’s the maximum tabs for alfalfa in a day?
Maximum is 10 tabs daily, but, do not directly take 10 tabs for the first time. 2 tabs per day is enough for a start. Then slowly increase up to 2 to 6 tablets (2 tabs in each meal session is enough) for breastfeeding moms. But, we need to drink lots of water to avoid feeling hot due to supplements consumption. Furthermore, we also consume other vitamins like Vita-Lea, B-Complex, Vit-C etc, so, there is no need to consume Alfalfa up to 10 tablets.

If i drink milk before taking all these supplements, will it be less effective?

No problem. However, you have to avoid taking Vita-Lea together with milk, because Shaklee Vita-Lea is Iron fortified. Milk and Iron don’t get along together where milk (calcium actually) will interfere with the iron absorption.

Can all the supplements be taken even when i’m having my period?

Yes, can. Especially Vita-Lea and OsteMatrix. Vita-Lea has Iron that can help to avoid anemia. While, OsteMatrix can avoid milk depletion during period that is due to low blood-calcium count during period. I usually will increase my OsteMatrix intake to 4 tablets (normally just 2 tablets daily) 2-3 days before menses to avoid milk depletion, plus, to avoid period pain and abdomen cramp.

Sometimes i dont pump straight after eating the supplements. Can i still take 2 tabs alfafa after a few hrs after supplement intake followed by pumping?

Yes, you can, especially if you still do direct feeding. However, it is advisable to follow by emptying your breast by direct feeding or pumping, to get a maximum results, and to avoid clog duct (if any).

If breast is not emptied fully and i take alfafa…will there be any negative effect?

No negative impact. However, the results may not be as maximum possible, like other mother’s experience. Anyway, please be alert to any signs of clog duct that normally linked to mothers didn’t empty their breast fully.

Should ostematrix be taken before sleep after dinner?
It is advisable to take OsteMatrix (Cal-Mag) before sleep due to it’s calming effect. I normally will take up to 4 tablets OsteMatrix when I don’t have enough sleep time (less than 4 hours), to help me wake up early & keep me energize the next day. Plus, better Cal-Mag absorption when there is less water intake (which is during sleep).

My EBM now looks creamier n sometimes a bit green.
Creamier is due to B-Complex & alfalfa which help to increaase fat contents in the breast milk (one of alfalfa effect). A bit green is due to B-Complex. Some people will find it yellowish, some greenish. B-Complex is water soluble vitamin.

It’s the same concept as your urine, right away after you consume B-Complex. The first urine will be very (heavy) yellow. When we drink enough water, the second urine session will be less yellowish and a bit of greenish. The third urine session will have just a tiny bit of yellowish or none at all, depends of your water consumption. So, if you notice that your urine still have B-Complex yellowish trash after few later urine session, it’s the sign that your body didn’t consume enough water.

My baby stools is still greenish. Is it really normal?
As I explain in previous e-mail, greenish stool were mainly caused by 2 reasons (for baby who still didn’t start solid food yet).
(1) The baby drinks Formula Milk only, or, FM + breast milk.
(2) The baby drinks breast milk exclusively but, get more fore milk (the front milk, less creamier) compared to hind milk (the creamier one).

Detail can be read here (babycenter article!):

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