Kenapa vitamin c shaklee berbanding jenama lain?

Saya dapat sms berbunyi “saya rasa vitamin c shaklee ni sama ja dengan vitamin c yang saya beli online.”

Jawapannya, tidak sama jika vitamin yang anda beli itu adalah vitamin sintetik. Mengapa perlu pilih yang semulajadi seperti shaklee. Sebab ia sangat special, berkesan dan berbaloi. Sebiji vitamin c shaklee bersamaan 7 1/2 biji oren. Jadi, sangatlah berbaloikan.

Mengapa vitamin c shaklee special, lain dari yang lain dan berkesan?

Take a look for yourself at these pictures of vitamins called chromatograms.. You will see synthetic vitamins and Shaklee whole food based vitamins that have been created from organic food base and then manufactured at a low heat to maintain the enzymes. Enzymes are the life force that make chemical reactions happen. Have you ever cooked a potato and then planted it and it grew? Of course not. Then why do we expect dead vitamins to help us get healthier? The answer is you can not.
A chromatogram is an analytical technique, which identifies components of a solution by means of color absorbed by filter paper.

Lines of force and fluted edges found in the pattern of the natural substances are due to enzymes and enzyme activity. The more lines of force the more natural the substance. The important thing to remember is not only is it important where the material came from for the end product but just as important is how the material is processed. You cannot create a product full of enzymes if you take high heat and destroy the enzymes. Just like you cannot take a potato and boil it and then plant it and expect it to grow.

Lets take a look at the first picture. One is a natural C and a synthetic Vitamin C and Natural Orange Juice and a synthetic orange juice that you commonly see in the grocery store.

Now let take a look at Shaklee Vitamins that have been processed with low heat to maintain the enzymes
Is it any wonder that when people consitently use Shaklee nutritional products they get results?

Kesimpulannya, vitamin shaklee lebih menyerupai vitamin c asli. Kenapa? Sebab prosesnya telah berjaya memelihara enzim yang penting untuk tindak balas vitamin dengan badan. Malangnya, vitamin sintetik yang melibatkan haba panas telah menghapuskan enzim – enzim penting ini.

Oleh sebab tulah, vitamin c shaklee lebih mesra badan dan berkesan. Sekarang anda dah pasti kenapa perlu pilih shaklee? Sayangkan diri anda dan lindunginya hari ini juga!

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