Herb Lax membuatkan usus yang tua seperti muda

My elderly 89 year old father takes HerbLax daily and has for years and years. I have been in Shaklee since 1978. Recently my father had a colonoscopy (just because they thought he should, since he had not had one for years) I guess they thought he should have something wrong at his age, right?

During the procedure the doctor asked my dad; “Do you take Shaklee HerbLax?” My dad said; “Yes, I do every day” (I think he takes 2-4/day). Doctor said; “I thought so because the colon is a darker color. I have several other people with colons like yours and they all take Shaklee.” Dad is getting worried, “Is that bad?” “No,” he said, “I wish all my patients had colons like yours, your colon is that of a 20 year old person, that is good, it couldn’t be better.”

So I guess this is living proof that Dr. Shaklee was right and knew what he was talking about.- Sharon Rowe

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Ida Khairani
Shaklee Independent Distributor
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